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1905, 2015

Great Youth Football Coaching Website

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dumcoach 300x63 - Great Youth Football Coaching Website

Found this great coaching resource at


1705, 2015

Roster Starters, Subs, and Minimum Play Planning Excel Worksheet

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excel 256x150 - Roster Starters, Subs, and Minimum Play Planning Excel WorksheetCoaches, We have all had the struggle of fitting in our minimum play players. It's a real balancing act between getting in all your minimum players and being competitive on the football field. It is not as big of a deal when you have a smaller roster but when you have a large number of players (we had 28 and the minimum play rule was 8 plays per game) it becomes a challenge. I came up with an excel spreadsheet to help me plan for each game and get a grasp of how many plays we would have to Read more [...]
1605, 2015

Sharing Plays with your Team on Facebook

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fb4 315x150 - Sharing Plays with your Team on FacebookFacebook is a great way of sharing your team information, schedules, updates and plays with your youth football team. Setting it up is fast, secure and easy. 1) On the left hand side of your Facebook you will find an area called "Groups". Simply click on "Create Group" to get started. If you don't have a Facebook account you will need to create one. 2) Enter a Group Name and invite members of your team to be part of the group. They will need a Facebook account as well. Under the Privacy settings Read more [...]
1005, 2015

Excel Spreadsheet Depth Chart – I Left Formation

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excel 256x150 - Excel Spreadsheet Depth Chart - I Left FormationUsing an excel spreadsheet is a great way of organizing your depth chart. The attached I Left Formation Depth Chart Spreadsheet is very easy to use. Simply fill in the players names in the boxes to the right and they will appear in the diagram. Print out and your done. This is the first post of all the EZPLAYZ formations. Good luck this season. I-LEFT-FORMATION-DEPTH-CHART Read more [...]
505, 2015

Funny Alabama License Plate

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alabama plate 315x150 - Funny Alabama License PlateOkay, I know this has nothing to do with this website, but I wanted to share it anyway. Here's the back story: My girlfriend went to Alabama and I went to Auburn. With the season coming up she just won't shut it about Alabama this, Alabama that, national championship, blah, blah, blah. So I Photoshopped this:   Read more [...]
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