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Widlcat Option Right X GoThis is a great play to suck in the defense and then nail them on the long route.

In the picture you see above and the video below, we ran this exact base play ( Right) for the three plays previous and moved the ball 40+ yards. In this formation we had about 6 variants of it. The three previous playsbefore this one were:

  1. Right 12 Delay ( fakes hand off to 2 back underneath and then follows 4 back as lead blocker up the middle) -Play went for 12 yards
  2. Right 46 Lead (2 back lead blocks for the 4 back into the 6 hole; X crack blocks OLB) – Play went for 19 Yards
  3. Wildcat Option Right 27 18 ( to left side by he entire offense; tucks the ball and bootlegs to the right) – 10 yards

At this point we had sucked in the Linebackers and they had 8 men in the box; this is where we burned them with the Wildcat Option Right X Go. Here are the key components:

  1. 2 back blocks left on the DE for blindside protection since the Y is releasing in route
  2. Y runs a short post to freeze the Safety in the middle
  3. 4 back takes the hand off and keeps the LB’s from picking up Y, forcing the Safety to freeze on Y
  4. Z was a decoy
  5. X runs a , beats the CB and with the Safety frozen BAMMM! Touchdown!

We found this to be a great play that was very flexible with the many options.

Click Play below to view the video of the play