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1505, 2015

Special Teams in Youth Football


More often than not, Special Teams are regarded as an afterthought and very little time is devoted to this very important aspect of the game.  Younger age groups typically don't have to worry about identifying a punter or a field goal/xtra point kicker, however, once the boys reach the age of 10 or so, these become crucial positions. In my league, we are awarded 2 points for kicking an xtra point as opposed to just 1 point for running/passing it into the endzone.  Needless to say, this could Read more [...]
105, 2015

First Year Youth Football Head Coach


Volunteering to be a youth football Head Coach may be the hardest and most frustrating thing I have ever done.......as well as being the most rewarding decision I have ever made. I started coaching 11 years ago because I was tired of being on the other side of the fence watching my 6 year old son's team flounder on the field like a wounded bird. I played football in high school and had a chance to play in college at the NAIA level but opted against it so I thought I had the credentials to march Read more [...]
2804, 2015

Planning your Football Team Like a Business – Part 3


327214 10150300373927485 3450348 o 315x150 - Planning your Football Team Like a Business - Part 3Now that we have the mission statement and objectives complete we need to put together the Management Summary. This I have found is one of the most difficult parts of creating a business plan. Why is it so hard? You are essentially defining roles and responsibilities for each member of your coaching staff. You are putting limitations what your coaching staff can and can't do. You are potentially pissing off long time friends by limiting their role. Maybe your starting fresh and haven't Read more [...]
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