2305, 2015

Planning your Football Team Like a Business – Part 2


Part and parcel to the Mission Statement we talked about in Part 1, we now need to create the objectives for our football team. What are your objectives? • Build a foundation year so you can compete next year and the year after that? • Draft a quick left guard? • Draft a tall TE with good hands? • Draft a long snapper? • Find an assistant coach who understands blocking schemes? Seems pretty simple right? Simple, but important. Without objectives to help guide you through the Read more [...]
1705, 2015

Roster Starters, Subs, and Minimum Play Planning Excel Worksheet

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Coaches, We have all had the struggle of fitting in our minimum play players. It's a real balancing act between getting in all your minimum players and being competitive on the football field. It is not as big of a deal when you have a smaller roster but when you have a large number of players (we had 28 and the minimum play rule was 8 plays per game) it becomes a challenge. I came up with an excel spreadsheet to help me plan for each game and get a grasp of how many plays we would have to Read more [...]
1005, 2015

Planning your Football Team Like a Business – Part 1


Coaching youth football or any other youth sport is hard. It takes a great deal of your time and effort to coach a team. I have found through my last nine years of involvement with youth football, basketball, and soccer, running a team, can be approached like running a business. After running various businesses around the world and planning and setting-up new ones for my clients, a well executed plan is needed before diving into any business... or youth football team. The first step is a mission Read more [...]
305, 2015

Updated Roster and Sub Excel Spreadsheet

Coaching Resources|

With the season now upon us, coaches everywhere are trying to figure out how to get all the minimum play players in. In my teams case we have 27 players and the minimum play rule requires 8 plays per game. We have created a spreadsheet to help you make sense of this daunting task. The spreadsheet allows you to plug in your starting offense and defense and automatically identifies the "SUB" Players and how many plays they need. This is a great way to help you figure out your SUB strategy. Good Read more [...]
105, 2015

First Year Youth Football Head Coach


Volunteering to be a youth football Head Coach may be the hardest and most frustrating thing I have ever well as being the most rewarding decision I have ever made. I started coaching 11 years ago because I was tired of being on the other side of the fence watching my 6 year old son's team flounder on the field like a wounded bird. I played football in high school and had a chance to play in college at the NAIA level but opted against it so I thought I had the credentials to march Read more [...]