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wishbone-38-sweep-v-6-2The 38  is a medium to out of the Formation. This play is an , meaning the has to read the position of the Defensive End, who is released by the .

The was designed to run a triple with a lead blocker. The purpose of an is to eliminate one defender without blocking him. Ideally, the defender must make a choice to eliminate one of two offensive players. This is a double . This offensive scheme forces a defender to choose one of two offensive players who can advance the ball and then allows the other offensive player to carry the ball, making whatever choice the defender made the “wrong” choice. Because of this aspect of the defensive player taking himself out of the play by his choice, the offensive player that would otherwise block that defensive player can now block a different defender, placing severe pressure on the defense to cover the , the quarterback run, the or the pass to a receiver.

  • (Y) Releases Defensive End and Blocks Linebacker
  • 2 Back Blocks Right Corner Back
  • 4 Back Blocks Released Defensive End
  • Comes Straight Down the Line of Scrimmage
  • Reads Defensive End. If DE Comes down LOS to 3 Back. If DE Goes Up Field to engage 4 Back QB keeps the Ball and Runs