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A pictures worth a 1000 words.

This one is worth maybe a thousand up-downs!


I often found watching was fruitless if the boys never saw it. We tried to get them together and watch a film a couple times… yeah, that worked well! The problem was if the boys didn’t understand what they did wrong how could you fix it? My solution was to do screen captures and paste them into a program where I could annotate it (like Word, PowerPoint, Illustrator, etc.) and print them out to show the boys at practice.

To do a screen capture of the video player you are watching on your PC hold down the ALT and PRINT SCREEN keys at the same time on your keyboard when you want to capture an image. Then simply paste it in your program you want to annotate it, print it out and your done.

By the way the picture above is when my son was running he ball and got tackled by the entire other team… needless to say everyone had a tough practice after I shared it with them.