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In the (it’s a hybrid, but Hybrid is too long) my entire right side of the line (G,T,X,Z) is MPPs(). Key Points are:

  1. The right side maintains tight splits while the left side, who are my starters, maintain about 2.5’ splits (11 year olds).
  2. The Z is lined up off the ball, standing up, to create confusion for the defense.
  3. The 3 and 4 Backs are about 2 yards off the line; they are in a two point stance, crouched over a little bit more than normal.
  4. The defense reads Strong Right and shifts to account for the odd formation, typically leaving the OLB on the weak side lined up in the B-Gap or head-up with the Tackle
  5. The 3 Backs responsibility is to take out the first defender who plugs up the 5 hole; with the shift this typically the OLB.
  6. At the snap the does not drop back but does a turn to the right and hands off to the 4 Back.
  7. Y kicks out the DE and the 4 Back if off to the races.
  8. The Left CB tends to freeze for a moment  thinking the 4 Back is sweeping and puts himself out of the play.

One of the things you really need to get in your backs heads is to hit the hole as quickly as possible with no juking or stringing it out to the 7 hole, this will blow up the play. Trust the blocks and teach the assignments and this is a great play to get your in on. And furthermore it works!

Last year we averaged 3.9 per carry on this play which allowed us to get more than the 8 minimum plays required which equaled happy parents!

To compensate for shifts and adjustments when the defense figured it out we added an 18   and 48 Wheel Pass, both read and audibled by the .

Was a great way to get all the players involved.