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1805, 2015

Form Tackling


This may sound elementary to coaches in older age groups but I honestly believe that it is imperative that you practice form tackling EVERY SINGLE PRACTICE.  There is no need to spend a whole lot of time on it...maybe 5 minutes....but it will pay dividends in the long run. I pair everyone up with someone of similar size, line them up face-to-face about 2 yards apart and have them walk thru the progressions of a form tackle.  Each of my assistants is responsible for 4 kids and we make sure everyone Read more [...]
1505, 2015

Special Teams in Youth Football


More often than not, Special Teams are regarded as an afterthought and very little time is devoted to this very important aspect of the game.  Younger age groups typically don't have to worry about identifying a punter or a field goal/xtra point kicker, however, once the boys reach the age of 10 or so, these become crucial positions. In my league, we are awarded 2 points for kicking an xtra point as opposed to just 1 point for running/passing it into the endzone.  Needless to say, this could Read more [...]
805, 2015

Capturing Stills of Game Film on Your PC


dalton fumble 315x150 - Capturing Stills of Game Film on Your PCA pictures worth a 1000 words. This one is worth maybe a thousand up-downs! I often found watching game film was fruitless if the boys never saw it. We tried to get them together and watch a film a couple times... yeah, that worked well! The problem was if the boys didn't understand what they did wrong how could you fix it? My solution was to do screen captures and paste them into a program where I could annotate it (like Word, PowerPoint, Illustrator, etc.) and print them out to show the boys Read more [...]
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