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1705, 2015

Roster Starters, Subs, and Minimum Play Planning Excel Worksheet

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excel 256x150 - Roster Starters, Subs, and Minimum Play Planning Excel WorksheetCoaches, We have all had the struggle of fitting in our minimum play players. It's a real balancing act between getting in all your minimum players and being competitive on the football field. It is not as big of a deal when you have a smaller roster but when you have a large number of players (we had 28 and the minimum play rule was 8 plays per game) it becomes a challenge. I came up with an excel spreadsheet to help me plan for each game and get a grasp of how many plays we would have to Read more [...]
1505, 2015

Special Teams in Youth Football


More often than not, Special Teams are regarded as an afterthought and very little time is devoted to this very important aspect of the game.  Younger age groups typically don't have to worry about identifying a punter or a field goal/xtra point kicker, however, once the boys reach the age of 10 or so, these become crucial positions. In my league, we are awarded 2 points for kicking an xtra point as opposed to just 1 point for running/passing it into the endzone.  Needless to say, this could Read more [...]
305, 2015

Updated Roster and Sub Excel Spreadsheet

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excel 256x150 - Updated Roster and Sub Excel Spreadsheet With the season now upon us, coaches everywhere are trying to figure out how to get all the minimum play players in. In my teams case we have 27 players and the minimum play rule requires 8 plays per game. We have created a spreadsheet to help you make sense of this daunting task. The spreadsheet allows you to plug in your starting offense and defense and automatically identifies the "SUB" Players and how many plays they need. This is a great way to help you figure out your SUB strategy. Good Read more [...]
105, 2015

Great Play for Minimum Play Players

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WEDGE RIGHT 45 LEAD BR 315x150 - Great Play for Minimum Play Players In the Wedge Right (it’s a hybrid, but Wedge Right Hybrid is too long) my entire right side of the line (G,T,X,Z) is MPPs(Minimum Play Players). Key Points are: The right side maintains tight splits while the left side, who are my starters, maintain about 2.5’ splits (11 year olds). The Z is lined up off the ball, standing up, to create confusion for the defense. The 3 and 4 Backs are about 2 yards off the line; they are in a two point stance, crouched over a little bit more than normal. The Read more [...]
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